Manage Your Business With Microsoft CRM

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Make strategic decisions, increase profitability and reduce costs – all with a customised Microsoft CRM solution powered by Quadrant 2.


How can Quadrant 2 help improve your customer relations?


At Quadrant 2 we specialise in customised CRM solutions designed to meet the individual specifications of your business. Microsoft CRM modules integrate all the important processes pertaining to your business, from sales and marketing through to customer service and support.


1) Optimise Sales Management


With Microsoft CRM you can measure and significantly improve your sales management, generating more leads and reducing the number of missed opportunities.


2) Efficient Marketing


The marketing module allows you to create and manage a new campaign from scratch. Important key features include contact management, market planning and analysis of marketing results.


3) Superior Customer Support


With Microsoft CRM you can build a database able to fully support clients’ requests. Case management becomes a breeze with integrated messaging, email and fax. Microsoft CRM offers you the best customer support your company and clients have ever seen.


4) Effective Intra-business Collaboration


Microsoft CRM is the key to effective collaboration between employees, customers and vendors. It encourages and empowers your team to work together across the organisation. Plus, Microsoft CRM enables you to share important data cross-geologically – which means that your business will be ready to compete globally.