Target Your Customers With Microsoft CRM

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CRM used to be a manual card system. Today, Microsoft CRM automatically and digitally collects and centralises valuable customer information. Find out how what started as a minor change in technology can make a huge difference to your business.


A good sales person always has a handle on his customers. Contact details, order histories, buying patterns and product preferences are all important if you want to keep a good relationship with your clients.


Microsoft CRM enables you to share information across your organisation. Instead of keeping data manually, Microsoft CRM functions as your corporate memory. Suppliers, sales people, marketing analysts and CEO’s will all have direct access to the information. Microsoft CRM is a powerful data-mining tool that helps you to align your key objectives with your customers.


Realise the true value of your clients. With Microsoft CRM customer information becomes a valuable asset. Want to sell your business? Then sell your customer data too. Want to find out how to target individual customers? No problem, Microsoft CRM shows you everything you need to know with one click.


Microsoft CRM is more than just clever technology – if applied correctly, it can become central to your business strategy.


Quadrant 2 can help you design a CRM strategy that perfectly meets your business needs and targets your customers. With us, you get it all – more sales, higher customer satisfaction, better customer retention and loyalty – everything you need to take your business to the next level.


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