Quadrant 2 offers a complete set of professional services designed to implement first class CRM solutions. These services are built around the world’s leading CRM solution: Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft has a vision of a connected workplace: connecting employees to information, connecting your business to your customers, and connecting the systems that make your business run- regardless of platform or programming language.

Q2 Recruit CRM

After many years of intensive Research and Development Quadrant 2 can now bring you a total recruitment solution that combines the very latest thinking from the recruitment industry with leading edge CRM technology from Microsoft.

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Some key reasons why clients choose Quadrant 2 include:

Proven implementation approach

We are not simply a 16 year old organisation with one year of experience repeated 16 times! We are a learning organization and we have captured valuable lessons during our past and built this into systems and processes that enable us to better manage implementations in the future.

Proven Track Record

Every client we have provided CRM solutions to in the past are happy to be a reference site for us. In an industry where failed CRM solutions are more the norm this is a powerful endorsement.

We Make Commitments and We Honour Them